Monday, February 9, 2009


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I just watched Fireproof with my husband and I am giving this movie "must see" status.

I'll be honest, and tell you that I wasn't expecting to like it even though I kept hearing wonderful things about it.

I figured it was another one of those "My Husband is a Jerk and if He Would Just Bring Me Flowers More Often, I Wouldn't Treat Him So Badly" movies.

And for the first one third of it, I thought I had pretty much nailed it. Also working against it was the fact that they had our bedroom furniture EXCEPT THE DRAWERS ACTUALLY GLIDE OPEN instead of drag and catch and screech in a way that makes all the neighborhood dogs howl at once.

But I found it in my heart to forgive those easy gliding drawers and the movie won me over.

When I saw how this movie treats marriage as worth fighting for, no matter how devastating the struggles can be, I knew it wasn't any ordinary Almost-Broke-Up/Found-Love-Again story.

There were no easy answers, no quick solutions, but real, honest work that was done to heal something that had been injured.

I am not a crier, but I got misty eyed three times! This really is a wonderful movie that stresses how God can redeem our lives, no matter how broken.


Lene said...

How funny - we tried to rent that movie twice in the last few days and it's been out.

Christi said...

I haven't yet watched the movie but have heard so many people saying it is amazing. I am almost afraid it won't live up to its reputation.

I don't know if I have commented before, but I have been following your blog for awhile. I have given you a blog award, the Lovely Award and wanted to let you know.

Jules said...

I also just watched it with my hubby this weekend. I was prepared to not like it as well, but found myself very pleasantly surprised.

Good movie.

Kara said...

I have a good friend that begged us to go see it when it was in the theaters...ha, we don't actually go to movies anymore, anyway I've bought it and can't wait to watch it!!

Lockwoods said...

Daniel and I watched it too this month. We never watch movies and I too didn't think we'd make it through the first half hour, but I was wrong.
What we appreciated:
The gospel was so clearly presented!
Jesus Christ was what made the difference in the marriage.
The addressed tough issues (like the one with the computer) and offered simple yet tough solutions (like what he did with the computer)
It was produced by a local church...not Hollywood. And the actors were Christians...not people paid tons of money to "act" like Christians.
I heard that all the proceeds went to missions.
The movie was well made and Daniel and I both cried together watching it.

We would not recommend it as a family movie; the "fighting" scenes expecially at the beginning is pretty intense and there are other mature themes.
I know that these things are things our children do not need to see.
But for a married couple, it was good.

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