Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back On Line

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Don't you hate it when your internet service goes down?

And you call the 1-800 number and get the automated voice that tells you how easy it is to go to the www.fixit center.com?

And you're all, "That would be dandy, you know, IF THIS CALL WEREN'T ABOUT MY INTERNET BEING DOWN!"

And then the automated voice tells you to press one if you prefer English? And you accidentally press the power button and turn off the phone? Twice?


I hate that, too.

And don't you hate it when the guy from India comes on the line and asks you about your modem/router and you don't even know what a modem/router is? But you don't want him to think that the problem has to do with your complete ignorance in all things technical because then there would be a VERY slim chance he could fix that, so you act all intelligent like, "Uuummmmmm... is that the skinny black thingy with the green lights all in a row?"

And then he tells you to click on so and so and type so and so and the internet should be up and running within the next hour, only that was 24 hours ago? And you're still looking at a blank screen?


Me too.

Thankfully, the cable guy came over and typed some mumbo jumbo and installed a new skinny silver thingy with green lights all in a row and I am typing this on my brand spankin' NEW laptop that MaddieLynn insisted on using her own hard earned money to buy for me!

AND during all that time I was off line, I got a WHOLE bunch of laundry done.

Life is good.


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