Monday, September 8, 2008

To The Producers of Wife Swap

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Thank you for the invitation to appear on your television show. I have thoughtfully considered your offer and I would like to accept your invitation under the following conditions.

  1. I will swap with a wife who has a certain knack, a gift you might say, a compulsion even, for organizing and packing boxes, preferably color coded and labeled.
  2. That same wife must have potty trained children who have taken a vow of silence.
  3. Those children must be proficient at giving back rubs and manicures.
  4. The wife should be well known for drilling math facts and wiping up spills.
  5. The home should be equipped with a live in maid.
  6. And a private pool.
  7. Heated.

I hope to hear from you soon!


Charley & Jessica said...


That's all I have to say about that.


Julie said...

Amen, And if for some reason Smockity can not be on the show during the dates you need her I will be glad to fill in for her... under her conditions... of course.

Brenda said...


So, how's that packing going? :)

Pat's Place said...

Things piling up around your ear lobes, huh! Good luck and remember that this too shall pass!

Linz said...


Kelly Family said...

They wouldn't have to pack for me! Just have my 3yo twins potty really is that too much to ask? Do you think the swaped wife would mind my four little kitties who need to be litter box trained soon?

Kara said...

HeHeHe...oh how I dislike packing!!!

Shari said...

LOL--I always thought that show was ridiculous! You're funny! :)

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