Thursday, August 21, 2008

Award Winning Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

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Before I tell you the recipe for homemade ice cream that my mother in law gave me, the recipe that won 1st place in a homemade ice cream competition, I am going to issue an important warning.

Just in case you have put all the ingredients together and suddenly realize you have approximately 2 tablespoons of rock salt, DO NOT think that you can empty the entire contents of your salt shaker plus all the salt you can find in your pantry into the ice and it will effectively freeze the ice cream the way rock salt does.

Because if you do, even though you will find yourself checking the ice cream every few minutes for THREE HOURS, you will end up with a large quantity of ice cream soup.

The rock salt is essential in making the ice cold enough to actually freeze the ice cream.

Live and learn.

Homemade Ice Cream (Vanilla)

4 eggs
1 cup sugar
2 cans Eagle Brand condensed sweetened milk
1Tablespoon vanilla
6 cups milk
1/2 pint whipping cream


Traci Best said...

Mmmm...ICE CREAM! *Sigh* I wish we had a IC Freezer! Guess I'll have to wait until we go visit my folks next time! ;)


Laura in KY said...

Or better yet, get an ice cream maker that doesn't use rock salt! It is one of the best things we've ever bought, because I was forever running out of rock salt! :-)

A Hopeful Hollar said...

Yes!!!! I love this recipe!!! Not to mention I WAS the one that won 1st place with it. Yummy! :-)

angela said...

Do you cook it first?

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