Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Good Hero

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Several years ago, the kids and I were visiting with our neighbors across the street. It was a breezy summer day and everyone was enjoying riding bikes through the puddles of an afternoon rain shower.

Suddenly, the neighbor girl called out from a few yards down the sidewalk, "Help! I need a good hero!" While she had been riding through a puddle, the training wheels had found a high spot and they were keeping her back wheel spinning in a slight depression between them. She was pedaling furiously, with no result. Her bike wouldn't budge and she didn't want to step into the puddle.

She needed a good hero.

My son immediately ran down there to rescue her, and ever since that day, we often say, "I need a good hero," whenever we need a little extra help with something.

We had a good hero again yesterday as we spent my husband's day off fishing and swimming in a crystal clear spring fed pond. As the girls splashed about enjoying the cool water, my son fished from the dock.

Suddenly, we heard him shout, "Get my slingshot! I see a snake swimming this way!" You have never seen little girls evacuate a watery playground quicker than they did then. The boy took aim at the snake while the girls clapped and squealed from the shore, "We need a good hero!"

A few well aimed rocks sent the snake, which look VERY large from my perspective, swimming to a far shore and the girls resumed their swimming.

Every now and then, all we need is a good hero.


Kimmers said...

That also is a great display of the Lords Love. A brother protecting his sisters. Sweet.

Kara said...

Oh, now I'm going to cry!! I miss those times. I remember Em saying that and I think she needed her hero's help several times over the years we lived there:) I love the picture in the lake, we're in Houston and I could use a good dip in a lake right about now.

Pat's Place said...

I KNEW that must have been EM or Soph! I miss those days too--miss seeing y'all.

JenIG said...

everybody needs a good hero!! glad to know there are some good ones out there...

that was *very* sweet

Lindsey said...

That was so sweet of him. :) I like your new buttons on your sidebar.

Miche said...

That is so very beautiful and sweet-good for your son, we all need a good hero and it is nice to know more are growing into wonderful young men!!

Nikki said...

Ah! I love that story. And good for him for having good aim! I hope that my little crazy guys will turn into good heroes too one day.

And lindsey beat me to it, but I LOVE your new sidebar buttons. :)

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