Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Easy Otter Pops

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This is probably one of those tips that everyone but me already knew. Like, "Hey! Did you know that Band Aids are great for covering up cuts?"

Nonetheless, I have finally figured out a super simple way to open popsicles. I mean the kind that come in the sealed plastic tube, like these:

Those are the only ones we ever have at our house. I like them because a)they are cheap, and b)since they are in a plastic wrapper, there are fewer drips to deal with.

They are cumbersome to open, though.

Before I happened upon this tip, I used to cut each popsicle open with the kitchen scissors. Only after finding the kitchen scissors, though. "Where are the kitchen scissors? Who took them? Y'all know you are not supposed to take those out of the kitchen!" (Never mind that we have something like 16 pairs of school scissors.)

Now I use the trick that I saw my 6 year old employing. I grab 'em with both hands and snap them in half.

No more bothering with the scissors and the little sticky ends that have been snipped off.

Plus, I get to take out my aggresions over never knowing where those kitchen scissors are in a perfectly healthy fashion.

That sure Works For Me!

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Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said...

Great tip. Thanks. Maybe it will be useful for taking out other aggresions ;)

Michelle said...

What a great idea--no more sticky scissors!!

Meliss said...


The Apron Queen said...

Now, why didn't I think of that!? Thanks for the tip. Come see my cell phone alternative:


PS: LOVE the aprons!

Anonymous said...


I need a demonstration! Do you actually break it in half or does only the plastic come apart? What do you do when your two year old cries hysterically because you didn't do it the same way you always have and refuses to eat it?

bc said...

i can visualize this!
leave it to a child to find the smart way to do things!

reprehriestless warillever said...

Great idea!

Now just make sure you don't try that before you freeze them....

Kerri said...

I read your tip this morning and tried it tonight for my one-year-old. The brand I have...it doesn't quite work. :( But I made a tiny tear with my teeth -- I know you are not supposed to do that! -- and it did work. He liked having "one for each hand."
Thanks! Great tip!

Nikki said...

Cool!! You know, I just bought a pair of scissors specifically for this purpose. We keep our ice pops in the freezer in our garage so when the kids want one and they're outside playing, they don't have to come inside. The scissors I bought were laid beside the freezer. Hopefully they won't get lost.

Nikki said...

Very smart! I will definitely try this.

Lauren said...

Great idea! I hate getting my scissors all sticky!

The Estrogen Files said...

I tried that yesterday and just got the bends. Must not have snapped hard enough! Thanks for the tip.

Jodi said...

cute idea - thanks - I actually keep 2 pairs of kitchen shears/scissors in my kitchen in 2 different drawers...makes it less likely for them both to disappear simultaneously!

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