Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mom Shops

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This is where I post links to products made by and/or for moms that I have enjoyed or admired. Check back often. I'll update as I find more to recommend.

I bought this DVD for MaddieLynn's birthday. It shows very detailed and clear instructions on cake decorating. Find out more here.

We have one of Holly's "Huggable Memories". One of the neat features of this product is the option of sending Holly the fabric of your choosing. I have an antique chenille bedspread that I am going to ask Holly to make into a sweet bear. Go here to order one and check out the adorable denim bear someone had Holly make from a loved one's overalls.

I have one of these "Clutterbags" (in a different fabric combo) that my sweet friend, Michele gave me. I love it! It has tons of roomy pockets and I feel very hip carrying it around. See more styles here.

I don't have any of these bows, but I think they are adorable. Find out how to order them from Liz here.

She also makes these burp cloths. Aren't they precious?


Holly said...

Oooh. That bag is CUTE!!!!!! :)

Thanks, Connie!

Kara said...

I love the idea of the mom shop!! I am going to have to get a tutorial on bloggy technology, I am so clueless!!!

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