Thursday, April 24, 2008

Frugal Drinking

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Thirteen years ago, when my first child was a baby, my pediatrician told me that there was no need to give a baby juice of any kind. In fact, she called juice "baby junk food".

Because of that advice, I have never served juice to my children. They are served whole milk at meal times and they may drink water all the rest of the time. Kool-Aid, soft drinks and juice are for special occasions like birthdays and other celebrations.

I can only imagine the cost of supplying 7 children with those sugary drinks every day. We save our pennies by offering water (and I don't mean the kind that comes in a bottle) to thirsty children. They never complain because they don't know any different. Water, straight from the tap, is just what a person should drink when he is thirsty, if you ask them.

That's my Frugal Friday tip for this week. Cut out the sugary drinks and offer water instead.

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Denise said...

Us, too! Even when we go out to eat, it's water for everyone. Healthier and cheaper!

Great reminder that sometimes the frugal things are also the easiest!!

JunkMale said...

I remember last summer we went to a church potluck dinner. At one point, one of the little boys came inside from running around and told his dad he was thirsty. His dad proceeded to pour him a cup of soda! I mean....of course, it's not sinful or anything but still. Soda is flavored corn syrup.

Holly said...

Us too, us too!

JennyCash said...

My 15 month old has had juice here and there, but she mostly gets water. She doesn't know the difference - water in the sippy cup is "juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuice!!!".

Rebecca said...

My kids get 1 diluted cup of juice in the morning, just to get rid of that morning mouth. Then they get water for the rest of the day, with iced tea/lemonade on the hottest of the hot days (which doesn't happen all that often in WI). They don't seem to mind. They all 3 have milk sensitivities so milk is a "treat" to them on the few occasions they get it.

Liz said...

Our dr told us this as well. We drink mostly water and occasionally lemonade. We don't drink milk that often either as our pediatrician told us it was basically a meal replacer, he proceeded to say there are lots of ways to get calcium. But hubby doesn't necessarily agree, he called a fruit and nut statement! Hmm. Elizabeth

Smockity Frocks said...

Liz, I know that too much milk can interfere with iron absorption, but I hadn't heard it called a "meal replacer".

Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

I totally agree. It's the same for wholemeal bread, in our house. Naomi just doesn't know that there is anything BUT wholemeal -- white bread? what's that???

Ruthanne said...

Amen for water and no juice drinks!!
: )

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