Saturday, April 19, 2008

About Comments

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I have recently deleted three comments that did not pertain to the post in any way, but contained links that may be harmful if opened.

An example is, "Great blog. Click here to see mine." Blogger is warning users not to click on these links because they may contain a virus. I'll try to delete any of these comments as soon as I see them.

In the meantime, keep the real comments coming. I love those! And don't worry about being deleted, as long as you include details pertinent to this blog.

For instance, "Great blog. Love the way you change your template around every third day just to keep things hoppin'. And thanks for making me feel all normal when my kids crawl into the dryer, get combs stuck in their hair, and tell people they have BIG TEETH!"

See how I can determine the real comment from the fake one?

I'm glad we cleared that up. Oh, and remember not to click on the links from any phony comments.


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