Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Word of Warning

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If you give your son the keys and ask him to run into the post office to check the mail while everyone waits outside in the van, he may take full advantage of the fact that the horn can be activated from inside the post office with the keyless entry apparatus on the key chain.

And if several little old ladies happen to be walking by your van at that time, they will give you quizzical looks, as if to say, "Why are you honking at me?" All except for the one little old lady who will give you The Stink Eye, as if to say, "QUIT HONKING AT ME!"

All the while, your son will be inside the post office laughing hysterically at his fun trick as you try to smile and shrug at the previously mentioned little old ladies, as if to say, "You have no idea what I put up with on a daily basis!"


everychapter said...

I laughed out loud. Thanks for the story. My son is not quite two and my daughter is a week away from being born- but I know my time is coming. The other day after scolding my son for doing something naughty I looked into his eyes and said "say, yes mama" to which he brightly replied "Sure!" Little booger- I didn't even know he knew how to say sure, let alone how to use it...

Kara said...

So funny, I can just see it!

Lene said...

So, I'm curious - what happened to him after he finally returned to the van?

Melkhi said...

Did you give him the "stink eye" when he got back to the van? :) Your kids make for humorous blog reading!

Smockity Frocks said...

When he got back in, I said, "HOW many times have I told you not to do that?!" in a totally rhetorical way, and he was all, "12" in a totally monotone, we have gone over this SO many times way.

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