Friday, March 21, 2008

Super Sonic Hearing

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Do your children have super sonic hearing? Mine do.

They can hear the sound of a bathroom door latch clicking shut from as far away as the backyard. As soon as they hear that familiar sound, their super sonic senses tell them it is time to run to the bathroom door and begin knocking urgently.

Sometimes their urgent needs are more urgent than others.


MamaJ said...

We have a Jack&Jill style bathroom, so I have TWO doors to try and lock!

The last time I tried to go potty in private, the cable guy showed up and my 5 y.o. OPENED THE DOOR and informed him, "My Mom's going potty right now!" His face was pretty red when I went to the front door.

Mommy Cracked said...

Oh Lord, yes...that's my house, too. I think they're programmed in the womb to do that! Ha-ha!

Holly said...

Oh, oh, oh. Connie. I had never read that story about the worm farm! I was laughing so hard!

THIS is why we are such good friends. :) You live my life...just in another state!

And yes. There can be no sight of a child for MILES! I sneak into the bathroom and....BANG, BANG, BANG! Somebody immediately NEEDS in! OR NEEDS me!'s always SO IMPORTANT!

Blessed Easter!

You'd better show a picture of those dresses!!!!

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

Ughhhh I can so relate, but it's not always that they "need to go" but more--"Gee Mom what ya doing, I now need you" even though the previous one hour I was not in the restroom they never seemed to notice me

Sort of the same thing happens when I pick up a phone to make a call to a friend-I suddenly become quite popular!

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