Friday, March 14, 2008

Free Eggs

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Several years ago, I decided that, for a school project, we should hatch some eggs in our living room.

What? You've never hatched eggs in your living room? It's easy. And fun. Really!

Did you know you can borrow an incubator, at no cost, from your County Extension Agent? Ours put us in touch with a local farmer and we got some fertilized chicken eggs. (Again - free)

The Agent also gave us some educational materials about the development of chicken embryos, and we checked some books out of the library, too. It takes 21 days for chicken eggs to hatch, so we learned all about eggs and birds while we waited.

Right on time, the eggs began to hatch, and there was much excitement around here. We kept the chicks for a couple of days (until they began to stink!) and then gave them to a family from church that lives in the country.

That family gives us eggs regularly because those chickens (and their descendants) lay more than their family can eat.

So, there you have it! Want free eggs? Hatch your own egg layers!

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Teresa said...

Haha, we did this last year as a science experiment for the kids. My hubby actually built an incubator. We got one little chick. Didn't realize that we should have gotten more at the time. She was lonely, so we got her more friends. Now we have 9 right in the middle of the city! I love my eggs.

Holly said...

We killed our eggs before they hatched. "sob!"

I haven't the heart to try it again.

But wow...what CUTE pictures of your girls!

Niki said...

I've always wanted to do that but my naysayer hubby of course said no!

Sounds like fun!

Sonshine said...

My brother did this and even built a coop for them in the backyard of my parents house. However, he couldn't keep up with them so he gave them up. Also the hawks around my parents' house just love the chickens! If I decided to do this with my kids I could use his stuff...hummmmm!

Thanks for sharing! :)

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