Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Homeschool Family

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I saw this hilarious video at MommyLife. I think I've seen those "neighborly glances" before. I'm just glad we don't know anyone like these people! (whistling while looking innocent)



- Linz - said...

lol. That's so cute. We loved it. :)

Amy D said...

How cute and fun! thanks for sharing! We watched it at least twice. ;)

little dresses said...

We had to see it four times! Then we had to pause it to count the kids LOL! The kids wanted to make sure they didn't have as many kids as Gran and Pops (Daddy is the oldest of twelve). It's nice to see people who understand us. I just saw Created on your book list, you really are weird! LOL! That's one of my favorites. We live by Train up a Child, in fact I find myself going back to it over and over. I have probably read it 20 times in these six years as a mother. Glad the nursing is going well. STILL going well here too! She's only just turned 2, just a baby. Right?!

Tracy said...

You are right that video is great!

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