Monday, October 1, 2007

Our Day

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These are the order of events so far today:

1. Husband took the 3 oldest fishing just before dawn.

2. Husband calls when they are tired, hot, and sunburned (right before nap time). "Bring the jumper cables. I must have left the headlights on."

3. Mom gets everyone's shoes on after a thorough search, and loads the littles in the car for the 40 minute drive to find the others.

4. Husband gets the truck started while some of the kids decide to strip down to underwear to take a swim in the spring fed pond.

5. On the car ride back home, the 3 yr. old complains of a stomach ache. (This right here, friends, is known as foreshadowing.)

6. Everyone goes to their rooms for a rest while Husband cleans the fish.

7. When the fish are ready, Mom begins to prepare dinner.

8. 3 yr. old wakes up and begins what is to be a very long night of vomiting.

9. Husband finishes the dinner preparation while Mom takes care of 3 yr. old.

10. During this time, MaddieLynn's precious poodle, Molly, begins having the first doggie seizure ever witnessed by our family.

11. Lots of wailing and crying ensues.

12. Husband rushes to call the vet while Mom holds a bowl in front of 3 yr. old.

13. Husband stubs toe on a baby doll stroller and rips off toenail.

14. More wailing and crying.

15. Molly is now rigid and drooling.

16. The wailing, crying, vomiting, bleeding, and seizing reach a fever pitch.
(*I'm NOT making this up, I just cleaned up some more up-chuck after typing that last period.)

17. The vet answers the phone during the above scene and says to bring the dog in, but it's gonna cost ya because it's after hours.

18. Okay, he didn't really say that last part, but Mom and Dad were thinking it.

19. Molly begins to look normal again.

20. Crying dies down, but vomiting continues.

21. Mom and Dad decide to wait until morning to visit the vet, as Molly seems alright at the moment.

22. Everyone goes to bed.

23. Mom begins to feel sick.

24. Mom fears tomorrow will be a very long day.


Rachel said...

you poor things..I will keep you in my prayers. How is your puppy? Our dog was attacked by coyotes and needed middle of the night care. We saw lots of $$$ ahead, thankfully it worked out much less than we feared.
Kid vomiting is no fun especially when you have to clean it up and are pregnant. I pray the Lord gives you grace to deal with the challenges you are dealing with.

Denise said...

Oh Connie!!

I just stopped in to see what was happening and MAN! Is it ever happening at your house. I started off with a smile and a "How nice" which moved to an "Oh, well, things happen" to an "Oh, no", "Oh, NO!" "You've GOT to be kidding me!" Tomorrow is bound to be a little better, isn't it?

Reality is WAY better than fiction - who could make this up?

Praying for you and your family and little Molly, dear sister.

Nikki said...

Oh Connie! What a day! Don't get out of bed tomorrow. You have my permission to stay in bed. Avoid everything at all costs-- except peeing. That might be necessary.

Holly said...

Oh, soooo, sooo sorry!

Melissa Markham said...

YIKES! Hoping today isn't nearly as long as you are anticipating!

Kara said...

Oh gosh I'm sorry! Just repeat "this will make me stronger " under your breath a hundred times. This is a little game I play with myself when I really just want to curl up and cry:) I hope Molly is alright, the seizures are scary, but Thunder does really well with meds, so maybe that is all Molly will need. Take care!!

Bethanie said...

Oh no! thats all I can say.

Amy D said...

Reading along.. 'enjoying' your day...get to #5 (the foreshadowing)... "oh nooo". And the "oh no's" just kept getting worse!! I hope today is a much, much better today. BTW...we used to have a dog that had seizures. While scary for us to watch, I don't think he was ever in any danger, and after a year or 2 of medicines he was fine. I hope Molly (and everyone else) are all well soon!

Michelle Finsand-Peacock said...

Ohhhhh my! Poor dears! Praying the vet bill will be less than you think and that everyone is better SOON.

Thehotrod5 said...

OH my! hope all the littes are feeling better and how is Molly doing? Any update from the Dr today??


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