Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Stuff On My Sidebar

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Hey! Look! Over there on my sidebar, just under the apron, and also under the bonnet. I finally figured out how to accept Paypal and credit cards!

My apologies to those of you (Nikki and others) who I forced to drag all of your kids out to go buy a money order or cashier's check. The good news is the rest of you can just click and order. It should be simple IF I have done it right.

If you try it out, let me know if there are any problems I need to correct.

To those of you have already ordered and are waiting patiently for your stuff: Thank you! We are still trying to recover from The Plague over here, and I'll work on getting those out to you ASAP, which in my world, just might be 2-3 weeks.


Nikki said...

I forgive you. The kids had a really good time at the post office asking about all the different size boxes and labels and whatnot. We got a lot of looks too, but that's not out of the ordinary.

That's exciting that you have a button. Several buttons! You look so official now.

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