Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Name That Baby!

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Today we're going to play a round of "Name That Baby" because, frankly, the Smockity Frocks Family is running dry on girl names.

Plus, I have a feeling that y'all might have something up your sleeve that we might not have thought of.

So, here are the rules:

We need a girl name with more than 1 syllable. Our last name only has 1 syllable and we don't like the chop-chop sound that one syllable first names produce.

All of our children's first names end with the /n/ sound, because if I can take a simple task and make it more complicated, then I am all over it.

Here are the names we have used so far:


As you can see, we don't object to using surnames or place names and we have been known to use a boyish name for a girl.

These are the names that have been suggested but rejected: (Just to give you a sampling of what we are NOT going for.)

Sally (submitted by our 5 yr. old.) This is a sweet name, but it doesn't follow the pattern. Can you imagine poor little Sally's therapy bills?

LilyPad (submitted by our 3 yr. old) Fine choice. For a frog family. We, however, are human.

Jillian. I love this name, but my husband, with his Alabama/Hawaii/Texas accent (He was a preacher's kid and moved a lot) makes it sound like "million" or "onion" which makes my eyes squint a little. I love you anyway, Honey. Smooch, smooch.

Just for fun, I'll draw one random entrant to receive a slightly used copy of The Ultimate Cooking with 4 Ingredients by Jean Coates.
Because we are the cash back/cash rewards type of blog. Plus, we're trying to declutter around here.

So, give it your best shot, and we just might use the name you submit!


mummyjan said...


jenig said...

i totally dig Lilly Pad.

Here are my suggestions:


when i was pregnant with Dippy, we were thinking about using the name Paris for a girl... this was before that 'other' Paris. boy am i glad we didn't get saddled with that name. Coie thinks she's going to name her daughter Israel(when the time comes). And I *love* that name. We were going to name Ryann that if she were a boy. But Coie likes it better for a girl. ok.. this is getting really long.

I still think you should reconsider Lilly Pad

Thehotrod5 said...

Madelynn (one of my favs as I have a Madelynn lol)





Humm....I will have to think of more later!


julie P said...

How 'bout Lillian
Morgan ??

Lora Lynn said...

Well, I was going to say Lillian (cause Lily is so pretty), but someone already suggested it. How about Ellen? (We're sort of partial, seeings how we named our number four that! But she would be happy to share.)

Liz said...

How about Elaine?


Melissa said...

Raeann (Ray-Anne)

ummm, I'll have to think about it some more. :-)

Rachel said...

Two of ours are Jocelyn and Evelyn. Obviously I like those names. The last one we broke off the "lyn" thing and named her Caroline. So there are some cute ones I think.

megan said...

I love the name Ashlyn Olivia or Brooklyn. Or how about Ellery?

Lisa said...

I like the name, and it goes with your other kids names. Love your blog!

Bethanie said...

What about Aaron or Dillon?

Kate said...

How about Lauren,Rosalyn or Jordan. I second the suggestion of Julianne. On the other hand, Sally-Lilly Pad does have a certain ring to it!

John said...

Gracen is pretty.

And I also like all the previous suggestions. Katelyn, Caroline, Julianne....

There are so many pretty names that you can end with "Lyn" or "Ann"

Have fun with it!

Stacey in NC

momxtwo a.k.a. Lisa said...

How about

Jordan or Morgan



Lockwoods said...

How about "Heaven" :)

Lisa said...


Jon and Sarah said...

How about Lauren, Karin, Caroline, London (I know a girl who spells it Londayn)?


Anonymous said...

How about Lincoln? My husband pointed out that you have other "presidential" names and this one might fit in. I thought it was different and kind of cute! Plus, the president by this name was a great one!

Jen L said...


Kara said...

Okay since I can no longer run across the street to weigh in on baby names I must put my two cents in here...

The Cheerio Queen said...

ok I will join in this is too good and fun to pass up. Here are my suggestions:


Hope those help. :)


Katie said...

I like Allison :)

Anonymous said...

We used Katelyn for our 2nd daughter. When I was pregnant w/ child #4, we considered Eden for a girl (but we had Micah instead).

Kelly in SC

Nikki said...

I'm still thinking. But I wanted you and Maddielynn to know that you are Rockin' Girl Bloggers! Go read my blog.

DangitAnge said...

I vote for Adrienne, 'cause I have one. My other vote would be for Carrigan, 'cause that's what I REALLY wanted to name her little sister. :)

Donna said...

My sister-n-law is pregnant with a girl and she intends to name her


It is quite popular among children right now because of the show on Disney Channel called
"The Suite life of Zac and Cody" there is apparently a girl on the sitcom named "London" other names I like are

Gillian and

Anonymous said...

How about Suzanne - the z makes the name look pretty


Sheila said...

Okay, if you're at all like me, you're not really looking for trendy, so, no offense else-people, but I'd nix London. (ducking!) Caroline was already mentioned, but I want to second it (or third it?). I came across a "Caroline Susannah" today, who goes by Callie Sue. I thought that was adorable. Caroline "is a fine and sensible name, and hardly one to be ashamed of."
'So excited for you all!

Anita said...

I like a lot of the names mentioned already, but will give you my "two bits". I think you need a name that is not similar to some of your others. Carolyn or Kaitlyn seem to be close enough in sound to some of yours already. I would go with something different. Ellen or Elaine would be my top picks! Thanks for letting us give our imput! It's been fun!
Anita from www.sonshine-musings.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

My choice would definitly be Brooklyn!

Simple Journeys said...

One of my favorite /n/ names (and the name of my youngest) Kristin!

Jennifer Meachem said...

well the name i pick and hope to win by is the beautiful...


you know, three syllables, ends with the "n" and of course the first part, "jennifer" is represented by the lovely, "moi"
tee hee hee
i'm totally joking.

how about, hmmmmm....

"dalton" or maybe "dollton"
no? too cute, trying too hard, am i? hmmmm...
"gifton" ?
totally making stuff up here to be ORIGINAL!
"mason" or "macin"
"maddielynne" "madeline"
"coltlyn" "coltlynne"
"taten" (trying to put a "n" sound to tate
"wesleyenne" "weslynne"
okay, out of ideas.... for now!

Jennifer Meachem said...

thought of "maycin" or "macynne"

okay, will leave you alone now.

- Linz - said...

First off...CONGRATULATIONS! :D Anyways, on to name ideas...tried to pick ones that went with the rest and that were different letters of the alphabet (except for two)...
* Paityn (already mentioned but different spelling)
* Rylan
* Imogene - would totally love if we were early 1900's but moving on :)
* Lorraine
* Joanna/(Joanne/Joann)
* Evelyn
* Erin
* add 'Lyn(n) to your fav name!
talk to ya soon! :)

Leah said...

We have an Evelyn. I love it. :)
I also like Tonilyn, Madison, Addison, and Carolyn.

Kimbrah said...

We have three boys so far and our girl names may never be used at this rate, so I will share them with you if you'd like.

Our first girl name is Yeirah Elizabeth (pronounced EE-ay-ruh)and our second girl name is Cerulean Naomi. We would call her Ceru (Sair-oo) for short. I hope that helps some.

Revee said...

I have a Gracelyn who recommends Season and my other daughter recommends Ashlyn. :)

Holly said...

Oh man, you are getting some great names!!!!

I'm not very clever...I'll just enjoy everyone else's suggestions!

And you can feel free to send me another book from your shelf. :)

Mrs. H said...

Hmmm, you've gotten a lot of good suggestions. The only one I could think of off the top of my head was -


Mrs. H

Lesha said...


Anonymous said...

We have a Susanna - so maybe Susan. We also have a Caroline - pronounced Carolyn. We have 6 girls (and 1 boy) so I know how hard its gets to choose a name you love. I'm glad you're getting so many good suggestions. -Melissa

In Light of the Truth... said...

-I really liked Leah's suggestions of Evelyn or Addison.
-I like the name Ella but to make it end with 'n' sound then it would be Ellen I guess, and I'm not as fond of that one for this generation.
Okay, I think that's about enough from me! Good luck!

kadusey said...

Gwendolyn (also spelled Gwendolen)
Madalen (alternate spelling of Madeline)
Mairin (or Maren)

Sheila said...

Dummy me, I canNOT believe I didn't mention this before!
(Obviously, I'm a bigtime LOTR fan.)
And, I've always liked TARYN. One thing to consider, you'd head down a difficult path with weird and twisted spellings. My dad always says a guy could spell a name like John, "Xplf", if he wants to, but...

Lockwoods said...

I just wanted to comment again and say...This Post is GREAT! I've loved reading all the comments. We're expecting #11 and though right now we only 3 girls and 7 boys, we sure struggle with finding a girl name we really like. I have a list of at least 6 more boy names, but zilch on the girls....until I read all these comments.... :)

Wife to wonderful Daniel
Mommy to Timothy (10), Elijah (9), Rebekah (8), Benjamin (7), Abigail (6), Isaiah (5), Josiah (4), Noah (3), Susannah (2), Nehemiah (9 m.) and Baby :)

Tooz said...

My hubs favorites aren't on your list--Medulla Oblongata, Waddie Peytona (an interstate exit near us), or Melba Sue. Actually, he really did like the last one--Melba after the famous opera singer, Nellie Melba. I liked my granny's name, Addie Dennie. It think that's sort of neat and old-fashioned.

bretta said...

Bronny for short

Nikki said...

I really like Gwendolyn. I noticed someone else suggested that too.

Anonymous said...

Just about everything I could think of has already been suggested, but you could always go with something old-fashioned like my name (Barbara Anne). My daughter is Allison, that would work, too.


uh... okay, that's all I've got, and it's not much : )

By here's something else I need to give you!


Barb J.

Anonymous said...

Lillian ??

Lela www.xanga.com/lmcs79

Mama Martin said...

One we didn't use was JO-ANNE (to be shortened to Jo of course), nice and spunky like Jo in Little Women.

stacey said...

Raelyn, Hayden, Jaqueline,

Anonymous said...

We have a Brooklyn and my 3 yr old calls her "Brookie"
She was almost a Madison, but my husband was afraid she'd be "Mattie". :)

Mandy said...


Ellen Templer said...

Ellen says:

I have to vote for Ellen or Erin (or course I'm slightly prejudiced towards those names). Of course I also like, Brooklyn, Taryn, Jaden, or Katelyn. Good luck!

Love ya,

The Momma Chronicles said...

Carol Anne
Esther Jane

Yes. I adore the oldies. I'm trying to bring back Little House on the Prairie days by naming my children with the oldies. hee.

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