Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Won A Prize!

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Do y'all remember this GiveawayPalooza that went on at Rocks in my Dryer last week? There were 506 bloggers giving away free prizes, and I signed up for approximately 194 of them, more or less. Mostly more. Because, I figured trying for more than 200 would be just plain tacky. Plus, there's the whole issue of me having an actual life that doesn't include the internet. Most days.

Guess what I won?!

Not a stinkeen thing! Thaaaat's right. Out of all those chances to win something, and 5 of those were for a new blog header, I didn't win any of them!

Do you think that discouraged me? Oh no. Just this week JenIG had a joke telling contest and I entered and won!! WOOHOO!!

Her daughter, Coie, picked my joke (actually my husband's) as her favorite. For a little chuckle, click on over there and see all of the entries.

My prize is this e-book from Miiko. Thanks, friends!

Now, as if that isn't sufficient linkage for one post, here is a hilarious post by BooMama that will crack you up. You know, if you aren't already worn out from laughing at my award winning joke, that is.


Kara said...

Congratulations! I've given up on winning things. Scott and I won a TV in bingo 10 years ago and I figure we've used up all our luck:)

Nikki said...

Hehe. I love that "updog" joke. I remember you blogging about it before.

And that's amazing that out of 194 entries you didn't win a single one. I wonder how many people ended up entering all of those.

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