Friday, July 20, 2007

Schedule? What Schedule?

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We are members of a church that doesn't use instrumental accompaniment with our singing. Each member sings and makes a melody in his heart to the Lord. The men of the congregation who are willing and able lead the singing.

My husband is one of those men, so each month we receive a schedule of who leads on which date. I always mark it on the calendar and remind my husband that his turn to lead singing is coming up. That way he can think about which songs he would like to choose.

This past Wednesday night, we were ushering our group into the auditorium in just the nick of time, when I noticed a group of men at the front looking around and having an earnest discussion. When they saw me, since I was the first one of our family through the door, one said urgently, "Where is Mr. SmockityFrocks?"

It was right then and there that I realized that I hadn't reminded my husband that it was his turn to lead singing! No matter, because he stepped right to the front and asked everyone to turn in their songbooks to page such and such.

He had no idea, since he relies on me to keep up with schedules, that he was going to be leading singing that night, but he came through in the end.

Sorry for the goof, honey! You are the best!


JunkMale said...

Sometimes they conscript me to lead songs too. When we started attending at our current church, people seemed to catch on that I was slightly musically inclined, since I would sing the proper bass parts. So every now and then they put me as song leader. I guess I have no real good excuse not to, but I prefer not to lead songs, because I don't have very good range. So I always pitch the songs much lower but still high enough that my voice could crack. Unfortunately, this is not high enough for the rest of the congregations. (the Lord is still praised, amen church?)

That said, I don't mind if other men pitch the songs lower, because that means that I can sing tenor comfortably. However, I usually only do this if there is someone else singing noticeable bass, because as I've found out, songs sound much better with bass and no tenor than with tenor and no bass.

But don't let all this talk fool you; although I prefer not to lead songs, I love singing a cappella hymns.

Holly said...

I am sure you are forgiven! :)

With a wonderful wife like could he hold one measly schedule mixup against you.....


Melkhi said...

We attend a church that sings Psalms acapella.

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