Friday, July 6, 2007

Odds & Ends

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Here are some odds and ends.

1. I finished my purse.

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2. The big turtle laid eggs.

3. The little turtle was moved to a new pen that has absolutely positively NO DIRT in it, because she has seems to have developed "airaphobia". In other words, she stays buried underground all day and hardly ever comes out, and no, she is not dead.

4. Just because your room is clean now, don't think that means that it will be clean later, especially if you share a room with a three-year-old girl who loves to change clothes and will dig to the bottom of the drawer to find her favorite outfit while paying no attention to the fact the clothes in the top of the drawer are flying around the room.

5. Don't believe the three-year-old when she reports that, "Someone went to the bathroom and didn't flush the toilet and it must have been-" and then she goes on to list everyone in the family except herself.

6. If the house is very quiet and yourmomconnie decides that she had better find out what the three-year-old is up to and when she calls her the three-year-old says, "I love you mommy!" then you can be sure that she is up to something.

7. We found frog eggs.


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