Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ready to Go

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We are just about ready for our road trip to Branson, and there is lots of frenzied excitement around here.

You can read here about how I prepare for long periods of time in the car and why we do NOT include Silly Putty in those plans. Really, if you are considering going on a road trip with Silly Putty in the car, you should read that first and save yourself some embarrassment.

This is the booklet MaddieLynn made for each child in the family to have on the trip. She copied lots of mazes, coloring pages, connect the dots, word searches, etc. Then, she bought folders for each one and punched holes in all the pages and put them in. She also included a Ziploc baggie of crayons which she secured in the brads, too. She came up with this idea and carried it out completely on her own! I love that kid!

(That is a map of Silver Dollar City in the left pocket.)

I'll post pictures when we get back, Lord willing.


Holly said...

Oh yeah! I have to agree! What a wonderful daughter! :) That is a cool idea!

Autumn said...

That is very cool. And clever.

Angela said...

This is so thoughtful and creative!!! I love it! Did the little ones like having the books?

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