Monday, June 18, 2007

Pregnancy Brain

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I recently lost found lost the nice watch that my husband gave me for Christmas a few years ago. You have to know that, unlike some people, I never lose things like my keys, sunglasses, watch, or Six Flags Season Pass (ahem, Michele). I know some people are more organized than I am (Michele), but at least I remember where I put my stuff! In the past two weeks, though, I can't seem to keep up with anything. So, I bought one of those cheap $4 watches at WalMart. Now I can always know what time it is... if I could just remember where I put it.

There was also the incident a couple of nights ago when I made fried chicken, a family favorite, for dinner. Later, when I was cleaning up, I found that I had left a whole batch of raw chicken in the bag of coating mix that I use for shaking it all around. I had put it in there, shaken it up, and then, apparently, just walked away like I was all through fixing dinner. It was ruined, because it was out on the counter for hours before I discovered it.

OK, it was the next morning. There I said it. I had thrown most of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher after dinner and gone to bed. I was going to clean up the frying mess the next morning. So, now you know.

Sometimes I'm a mess.

And I'm losing my mind.

My husband claims it's Half-Heimers, not Pregnancy Brain. He says it's because I'm in my forties now, like he is, and that now I finally know what it's like to feel a few of the effects of aging. He seems almost giddy about it if you ask me. If a 6'5" man can be giddy, that is.

If you think that's bad, read this hilarious post by The Common Room's Equuschick. At least I know I'm not alone.


A Hopeful Hollar said...

I wish I had a good reason for my loss of short term memory. I can't wait till I'm 40 !!! ;-)

Holly said...

No - definitely tell you husband that it is not being over 40. More than likely, it is because of having a husband who teases you. :)

Bethanie said...

you always make me laugh. And just so you know, I'm a mess a good portion of the time too.

Mrs. Meg Logan said...

Oh if I could only tell you how many times I have done something like this.

I also frequently forget words... words I am about to use in the sentence I am saying. *sigh* They just disappear and leave me sounding like a blubbering idiot.

I also attribute this to pregnancy, though come to think of it, I notice it to lesser degrees when I am not pregnant now. I'm not even into my thirties! It must be pregnancy not age!

Mrs. Meg Logan

Jessica said...

I think I may have half-heimers at 30! :)

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