Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How To End The Never Ending Joke: A Tutorial

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If I do say so myself, I have stumbled upon a stroke of genius here. If your children don't tell you jokes that last for at least 8 minutes, where you have to guess the punchline, well, then, just count yourself blessed and move right along to the next blog and read up on how sprinkling rose petals on your bed will make your bedroom smell nice. This here is down and dirty practical advice about how to end the never ending joke.

5 yr. old: Mommy, this is a joke. (That's always a helpful clue, by the way, because you never know when you might mistake a joke for a real inquiry.) What did one dinosaur say to the other?

Mom: (Readying herself to laugh hysterically no matter how lame the joke and have a sweet little bonding moment.) I don't know. What?

5 yr. old: Nooooooo, Mommy, you have to guess!!

Mom: Oh, OK, Let's see what did one dinosaur say to the other? Hmmmm.....Roar?

5 yr. old: No, guess again!

Mom: I'm going to eat you?

5 yr. old: Nope!

Mom: (Less enthusiastically) It sure is warm around here?

5 yr. old: Nuh-uh

Mom: OK, what?

5 yr. old: Mommyyyyyyyy! You have to guess!!

This goes on and on and on for a few more guesses until, and here comes the genius part, Mom says "Hey, look I just saw a squirrel in the clubhouse! I wonder if you could catch it?"

5 yr. old races outside.

Heh heh.


JunkMale said...

Tsk tsk. I hope you really saw a squirrel in or around the clubhouse ;)

If there really were a squirrel, that would be a good way to keep a 5 year old busy. I've never tried, but I would think squirrels are nigh impossible to catch with your hands. Plus they can bite. So in that sense, hopefully the young tyke wouldn't actually be able to catch it.

Denise said...

Classic Distraction! Always good to keep in mind.


p.s. Is it just me - or do you seem to have a large percentage of funny people at your house?

Holly said...

Hey! Great idea. :) Those run on jokes last....a long time, don't they! :)

Bethanie said...

I really like to hear about your kids. I hope mine will be as smart as yours.

A Hopeful Hollar said...

Okay, now you just HAVE to tell about ALL the criters that have been cought at the Smockity Frock Plaza!!!!!! ;-)

Mrs. Meg Logan said...

just stumbled across your site. This post just cracked me up! my four year old goes "knock knock" and we say "whos there" then he casts a glance about the room and says "chair" and we say "chair who" and he casts his glance about again and says "chair tree"

HAHAHAH isn't that a funny knock knock? yeah, i didnt think so either.

It is always two different things, that he just happens to be looking at. It was funny the first few times. now it is down right boring.

I laugh anyway. My husband just looks at him. My son can go on and on in this way for thirty minutes if we let him.

nice blog.

Mrs. Meg Logan

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