Saturday, June 16, 2007

Garage Sale Finds

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2 kid sized plush rocking chairs, $3 each
8 qt. punch bowl with 8 cups, cup hooks, and ladle, $3.50
2 pair very nice leather Stride Rite shoes, 50 cents each
Nice dress and sweater set for MaddieLynn, $1
Several almost new shirts for the girls, 50 cents each
Corduroy Gap pants and jacket set, almost new, $2
Checkerboard cake baking set, $1
2 matching Dick and Jane Comforter sets, including bulletin board, lamp shade, throw pillows, and extra coordinating fabric, $21

On several of these items, I asked if the seller would take less than the price marked. They always said yes. If I think the price is reasonable, I won't ask, but for the higher dollar items, I like to try to get a few dollars off. I don't think it ever hurts to ask, if you are polite about it. The seller can always decline if they do not want to sell it for the amount you suggest. I usually find, though, that they are just happy to get it off their hands.


Denise said...

Connie - That's GREAT! We love "Yard Sailing" and thoroughly enjoy coming home with new treasures. And both of my sons love the bargaining part!
The Dick and Jane fabric is adorable and I'm a little green over the checkerboard cake pan set!
With that and the punch bowl too you are now well prepared to be a most prepared and surprising hostess! When's the party? ;-)

A Hopeful Hollar said...

Lovin it all!!!!!

Holly said...

Rub it in.....just rub it in.....


What great finds!

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