Monday, June 4, 2007

A Felted Bag and Even More Conversations

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I am going to try to make this bag. We ordered the yarn and it is supposed to be shipped today. I hope it actually is. We ordered the #95 color yarn, the same color that the bag is in the picture. I just hope that knitting with double pointed needles and knitting round is not too hard.

While I'm waiting for the yarn, here are some conversations. You can se the other ones here and here.

Katie-bug (after asking exactly 2,469 other questions):
"Mommy, why.. why.. why.. why.. why do people talk?"

Mymomconnie: "So they can tell each other things."

Me: "So they can ask their mommies tons of questions."

Here's another one:

Me: "Katie-bug, did you know that you have freckles on your

Katie-bug (pointing at both of her cheeks): "Uh-huh, and I have freckles on my two faces, too."

Me: "You don't have two faces."

Her: "Yes I do, because mommy said so!"

It took me forever to explain that she has one face but two cheeks.

Here's one more:

Katie-bug: "MaddieLynn, guess what!"

Me: "What?"

Her: "Umm.. umm.. umm.. umm.....every day my slug runs away!"



javamama said...

Those are so cute!! Love it!

Holly said...

That is a very cute bag! Hope it works out well!

Cute conversations with the little one, too! :)

A Hopeful Hollar said...

Did you know that's the exact bag that I made for my sister? It worked up so fast and it was fun to see how it looked once completed. I can't wait to see it too!

MaddieLynn said...

Mrs. Hollar,

How big is the bag compared to the one you made Meredith? Is knitting round hard? Did you use the same color that the picture shows? Do you have time to answer all of these questions? :-)

A Hopeful Hollar said...

Hi! You're so funny. Yes, I have time for you...always!
The bag is really the very same pattern and I used the same brand of wool just darker colors. If you go to my post about Christmas in 2006, you will be able to see a picture of it. It was a gift for my sister. (She is the lady in the picture.)

Please tell your mom that I'm praying for her comfort.

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