Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Itsy Bitsy Turtles By Jackson Hughes

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Today started as a rainy day. We (Madison, Cameron, and I) went to work with Daddy. It would take too long to tell you everything we did before we went to the pond. Let me tell you about the pond. The pond is a normal pond but it is full of TURTLES! And if I say full I mean FULL! It's crawling with turtles. We went to the pond and I saw a group of turtles. We ran to the turtles and I found a baby turtle! Here is a picture:

Madison and Cameron went to tell Daddy. I stayed to try to catch another turtle. I caught 4 more turtles. I let 3 go. Then I went to tell Daddy. I met Madison and Cameron and showed it to them. Here are some pictures:


Jessica said...

Oooooooh, they're so cute! I had a pet turtle of that size when I was a kid. Different coloring. Thank you for the trip down memory lane......

A Hopeful Hollar said...


Forget the pig farm, you should raise turtles! :-)

Tell your mom that I figured out my commenting "issues". :-)

Steve, Dana and Maria said...


I bought two of those turtles (red eared sliders) for my hubbie's 30th and we ended up with a large turtle (8" in diameter!) and a 100 gallon tank. The other one was male and slightly smaller. The female even laid eggs but they didn't hatch. They grow fast!

MaddieLynn said...

Steve, Dana, and Maria,

We're planning on making a large turtle habitat. We read that they grow to be the size of dinner plates! We also have a baby box turtle, but he won't grow as big.

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute! I wish I had one! Guess who!!!!!! :-]

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