Monday, May 7, 2007

I Hate it When That Happens

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Don't you hate it when your sweet husband tells you more than a week in advance that he has invited a friend to stay overnight? Then, he tells you that he knows you will not mind because you are such a gracious hostess, and you blush and say that of course you don't mind because you love having company, but then it totally slips your mind because you spend most of that week curled up in bed trying very hard not to throw up. Then, the day before the Overnight Guest comes, your husband reminds you that it is only a short time before Overnight Guest will be getting here. So, you pull up your britches and start to tidy up the many, many toys and things that are strewn from here to there, because when the cat's away, the mice will get out all sorts of stuff and take full advantage of unsupervised time with markers and glue sticks.

So, on the day of Overnight Guest's visit, when you have everything mostly ready, you decide that said guest would probably appreciate clean towels, and you gather all the dirty towels in the house, which incidentally are all the "good towels" - which means the only clean ones are the ones you bought from a road side stand ten years ago that say "Daytona Beach" on them. You throw all the towels in the washer and it fills to capacity with water....and shuts in permanently. It refuses to wash those towels you so desperately need. You nervously call the service department for that stubborn appliance and hope beyond hope that someone will answer the phone, since it is Sunday, and all. You are delighted when someone answers, but the delight is short lived when you realize it is an automated voice, the kind that requires you to speak your answers into the receiver. After you answer 13 questions, a real live lady comes on the line and she calls you "darlin'", but you're pretty sure she doesn't mean it the same way your grandmother meant it when she called you that because there was definitely nothing "darlin'" about the way you told her that yes, the machine was, in fact, plugged in, and yes, you did remember to close the lid. And you're pretty sure that she is just not that concerned that you are expecting an Overnight Guest and you don't want him to have to use the stringy towels.

After 2 more calls and an attempt at getting a resolution through email, you are assured that a repair man can make it to your house on MAY 15!! 10 days after the malfunction!! And you still have a load of thoroughly soaked towels in the washer! And the next big load you were going to do was whites, which includes, you guessed it, underwear!

Don't you hate that? Yeah, me too.


Bethanie said...

"Smiles" Yes I do!

Denise said...

Oh My! And you know, that laundry just keeps flowing in like a river, whether the washing machine is working or not. And soon cries of "I don't have any socks/underwear/pants/shirts/skirts to wear!" can be heard along with the call of "What happened to all the kitchen towels? Don't we have anymore?" So you load the mountain of personal stuff into mesh laundry bags (garbage bags will do in a pinch) and you take it all down to the laundromat along with your can of husband's pocket change that you've been collecting and saving for lunch out or a sale at the fabric store, whichever happens first :-).

This has happened to us more times than I care to remember. I've washed a car full and taken it to the laundromat to dry it, or I've washed bags full at the laundromat and brought it home to dry outside or in the dryer.
Whatever you end up doing, I hope it is reasonably quick and that no matter what you will have a smile and a laugh for your overnight guest - who will be so charmed by your intelligent, witty, obedient, creative children, your lovely home and the delicious meals he/she is served, that he/she will not even notice the Daytona bath towel or the Winnie-the-Pooh washcloth! ;-)

- me - said...

:) it's funny but it's not. ;) i have experienced that too except it was my friend's new washer (on moving day) that we had just plugged in and we couldn't get it to drain, just would keep filling up more!
I didn't realize you were sick! :( Are you feeling any better?? Lemme know if I can do anything please.
I don't have the book personally, just saw it and liked what I skimmed over. I think its somewhere in our church library though? David said I could order it too so we'll see how cheap I can find one online. :)

Michelle (The Experimental Zone) said...

Yes, I do hate it when that happens! You took it all with such great humor, though. Why is it that no matter how well you tuck away the "company towels" for a "rainy" day, they somehow make their way into the daily towel circulation?!

Thanks for entering the bug contest and blogging about it.

Myfriendconnie said...

Thanks, everyone.

-Me-, How many identities do you have? No matter, it makes it seem like I have more friends in real life. Which reminds me, since we're friends, and all... can I borrow your washer????

Melkhi said...

I read all three parts of the washing machine woes, but I still want to know how you handled the company with all of the sheets in the broken washer. :O I blogged about our washing machine experiences recently. It seems like it is the MOST necessary appliance.

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