Monday, May 21, 2007


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Here are some strange conversations that actually happened.

Little sister no. 2 (Also known as Pickles, who is drawing on the
Magna-Doodle): "I'm going to draw a horse."

Scribbling sounds fill the air. Then:

"Okay, I'm done. Katie-bug, how do you like it?"

Little sister no. 3 (Also known as Katie-bug): "Horses don't hab fat

Pickles: "Well, labor horses do!"

Huh??????? Could she possibly mean work horses?

Here's another one:

Me (looking at goats through a fence with Katie-bug): "What do goats say?"

Her: "Maaaaa."

Me: "That's right. Do you like goats?"

Her: "Uh-huh. And I like horses too, and donkeys and puppies and
I like us too. I like people."

Hehehehehahahahahehehehe. That cracked me up.


Denise said...

(smile :-)

Thank you for sharing these little funnies! Yes, she MUST mean working or draft horses, right? And since you have a house full, I'm so glad that she likes people! LOL!

Keep them coming!

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