Friday, June 1, 2007

22 Years, 22 Things

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1. I never have to wonder what his opinions are on any given subject.

2. I never have to wonder if I can change his opinion on any given subject.

3. If I ask him where a certain event happened in the Bible, he can usually tell me the book and sometimes the chapter.

4. He will preach an impromptu sermon to a perfect stranger, a longtime friend, his parents, the Jehovah's Witnesses who ring our doorbell, etc.

5. He sends me flowers for no reason.

6. He tolerates my wacky ideas.

7. He will drive 3 hours out of his way to pick up a table and chairs and bookcases for me.

8. He never spends more money than we have.

9. He has invested our money wisely.

10. He has a genius I.Q. and knows how to use it.

11. He is a great daddy.

12. He cracks me up.

13. He thinks I'm funny.

14. He thinks I'm cute.

15. He brags to his friends about me.

16. He doesn't concern himself with popular opinions.

17. He is a well respected business man.

18. He is generous to those in need.

19. He isn't shy about speaking his mind. (See numbers 1 & 2.)

20. He is my best friend.

21. I can count on him.

22. His primary concern is pleasing the Lord.


Holly said...

Sweet! Happy Anniversary! :)

Lora Lynn said...

congrats on 22 years!

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Happy Anniversary! This is a sweet post.

myfriendconnieshusband said...

1. She is the most unselfish person I know. 2. She lives to please God. She is a great 3 mother, 4 teacher, 5 friend, 6 wife, 7 daughter. 8. Her opinion of me makes me want to be a better man. 9. She is happy and cheerful. 10. She speaks of me in ways that build me up. 11. She is content to live the life we have, 12. She doesn't pine for a life we don't have. 13. She greets me with hugs and kisses when I come home. 14. The kids greet me with hugs and kisses.15. She thinks I'm handsome 16. She laughs at my jokes. 17.She helps me to change my mind on any given subject when it needs to be changed and does it in non confrontational ways. 18. She dwells on my good points and ignores my bad ones. 19. She is my best friend. 20. She is a Prov 31 woman. 21. She has learned to like the things I like and have fun doing outdoor family activities. 22. She has become a great cook, so much so I now compare all food to her food.

- me - said...

Happy Anniversary! Cute pictures and that was a sweet post from you both!

A Hopeful Hollar said...

Oh,what kind of friend am I? I'm the kind that hasn't read your blog in a few days! I'm also the kind of friend that can say that everything said of both of you are 100% TRUE!!!! I'm thankful to know you both! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

sara - The Estrogen Files said...

Congratulations on your VERY happy marriage and 22 good years. Here's to a bazillion more!

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