Thursday, April 5, 2007

Glorifying God Through Adversity

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I often think about how God lets us experience pain and suffering to draw us to Him, to mold us into a more perfect image of Jesus. After all, his own son suffered many trials, and yet He did not sin. In fact, through his suffering, He brought glory to God.

If you haven't visited Christina, also known as KSMilkmaid, of Fuller Family Farms, then you are missing out on a wonderful model of perseverance in suffering. Her husband is very sick with Pancreatic Cancer, and Christina and their 6 children are trying to keep their family dairy business afloat. She blogs about droughts and floods, milking and making cheese, sickness and sorrow, hope and joy. Most of all, though, she writes of her determination to "rejoice in the Lord always." I always come away from her site uplifted and encouraged to praise the Lord in all circumstances.

This video is another wonderfully sweet example of how God can be glorified even through adversity. I hope you'll take a couple of minutes to watch it, and then thank our wonderful God for all of his many blessings, even those that might bring us sorrow for a day. (Thanks to Shannon for leading me to the video. )


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