Monday, April 23, 2007

Brown Garden Snails

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This is a post about the differences in color of brown rainbow garden snails. When you Google a picture of a brown garden snail, you'll probably find something like this:

This is a typical picture of a brown garden snail. However, some of my own snails don't look like this at all:

This is Rosemary.





See? These are all different snails and none of them look like the picture from Google! I think that the one who looks the most different is Confetti.

P.S. To those of you who are interested, these are not all of my snails.

P.S. again: I'm not as weird as you think. Someone got here by Googling "good names for pet snails". Some people actually like snails!


Denise said...

My Daughter LOVES snails! I have pictures (a few years worth) of her sitting outside, gathering the snails around her, letting them crawl (? -- slime?) up her arm. She would keep them in a kritter keeper box for a while and we would feed them and watch them, we even did a unit study on snails many years ago! Then I would finally convince her how much happier they would be outside - so out the keeper would go with the lid off and the next day the snails would be back in my flower beds. How lovely of you to take pictures of your snails ;-)

Don't tell, but if I find them when I'm weeding, I pick them up and toss them either in the chicken pen -- a yummy snack for the hens -- or over the fence to the empty land behind us.

p.s. It may just be the lighting, but I think Rosemary is the prettiest!

Nikki said...

Could be the lighting, but I think Rosemary is the most attractive. If snails can be attractive. :)

- linz - said...

You did an awesome job taking those pictures Madison - they're really good! :) I can't believe I forgot to ask to see them when we were over for dinner. You'll have to remind me next time! See you Wednesday :)

sara - The Estrogen Files said...

Outside snails or inside? Very pretty shells and nice names.

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