Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Handmade Baby Gifts

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Lord willing, I will be spending the next few days working on a smocked bonnet like this one. (Sorry for the blurry picture.)

My neighbor is expecting a baby girl, her third, in a few days, and this will be my gift to her.

For baby boys, I like to knit a fluffy winter cap and matching blanket like these. What handmade gifts do you like to give for special occasions? I noticed Nikki makes these adorable hooded towels. What about the rest of you?


EmmyJMommy said...

I actually crochet lace on baby blankets. My grandmother taught me how while she was in the hospital before I got married and I now make them for the special people in my life! They are beautiful and very special to me, and I think that they are special to my dear friends because most of them know the joy I get in making them because I think of my grandmother as I do them...I don't have a picture of one or I would post a link.


Revee said...

Handmade gifts are so wonderful. The bonnet is darling!

Sara said...

It depends upon what that person is "into", ya know? I've done variations on the following:

scrapbook page accessories for boy/girl twins, handmade girl baby outfit with pinafore and eyelet bonnet, a handful of cute Thank You cards for the mom in a pretty package, and other things that aren't so creative but are cute.

I think that bonnet is SO cute. Smocking looks hard - is it? I have never attempted it.

Myfriendconnie said...

Emmyjmommy, I have seen those. They are so sweet. What a great way to remember your grandmother!

Thank you, Revee.

Sara, Those are great ideas. I like the thank you cards.

Smocking is embroidery on tiny pleats. I enjoy doing it, and love to see girls wearing it.

Holly said...

So you hand sew your smocking? I have a friend who has a pleater - and that helps her out a lot.

Wow. I used to like to make baby blankets for gifts...crocheted, of course. So pleasurable to make...and that fluffy yarn goes so quickly!

But our church averages 10-12 new babies a year. I simply CAN'T keep up with that!

So - now I buy them. :( Maybe someday I'll get back to that.

I LOVE! the bonnets, Connie!

Myfriendconnie said...

Holly, I do have a pleater, but I hand-smock them. The pleater just gathers the fabric up in even pleats. Then comes the fun part of stitching on the pleats.

I would love to see a few babies at church. If anyone hears baby noises, chances are, they are coming from our pew.

Holly said...

Connie - I have tried pleating and smocking on gingham before. I failed. But it sure was a lot of fun! Maybe some day again. Maybe I'll live near a friend who has a pleater...


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