Friday, March 2, 2007

Company Again!

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I am so excited that my friend, Jeanette, is coming for a visit today. She and 3 of her 8 children will be spending 2 nights with us, before they go on to meet the rest of her family at a ski resort.

She was the first person I had ever met with a large homeschooling family. I remember being so impressed with how well mannered and sweet her children were, how happy she and her husband were. Occasionally, during worship services, I would see her oldest, a boy of about 12 at the time, go out with a toddler in one arm and a diaper and wipes in the other. He would come back a few minutes later holding the baby and the wipes, mission accomplished.

We had 3 children at the time, and I remember thinking that I could learn a lot from her. She made being a mother look easy and enjoyable. My husband and I would look at them and say, "Wouldn't it be neat to have a large family some day?"

Here we are, 3 kids later, 6 hours away, and I have learned a lot from her. She is an encouragement to me, even when she confides in me that she struggles, at times, like the rest of us.

I'm looking forward to talking, listening, laughing, and talking some more. I don't expect to have time to post anything new, but I'll be back in a couple of days, Lord willing.


Nikki said...

Your friend sounds wonderful. There is a great family at church with seven kids that I really admire. I would love to just sit at her feet and learn. I ask her advice all the time. I figure, if someone else has it figured out, why not learn from them?

Have a great visit!

Holly said...

Yes, have a wonderful visit Connie. Wish I could come...that sounds like a PARTY! :)

Myfriendconnie said...

Thanks for the wishes Nikki and Holly,

We had a wonderful visit!

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