Friday, January 26, 2007

Salt Water Taffy

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We made saltwater taffy a few days ago. It's really fun to get to pull, shape, and eat the candy. We made 41 pieces but now there are, well, ahem, none. That's right, none. The candy was tramped and stamped upon by thirty white horses on a red hill and then swallowed up into a big red pit. In case you want pictures of it being made, here they are.

Pulling the taffy.

Pulled, unshaped taffy.

The finished candy.

Here is the recipe we used.



A Hopeful Hollar said...

Yummy! We can't wait to make some! Thanks for the recipe.

Linsey said...

I think this will be one of our projects next week! My 4yr old think this is great! lol

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

ok, unshapen green taffy looks like some of the stuff in the science lab?!?!
Looks like fun, we'll have to try this!

Nikki said...


I think you have a real talent for writing. I'm very impressed with your abilities. Keep it up!


momto3blessings said...

That looks like so much fun. We are definatly going to do this. Im sure the kids will have a blast. Thank you for the recipe

Myfriendconnie said...


We used blue food coloring, but when it mixed with the butter it turned green. I know it looks like..... well, let'snot go there. OOPS!

Latharia said...

Oh, how wonderful! I remember doing this as a child!

Randi said...

We love making taffy, although ours is crunchier than it is supposed to be. I guess that is because we make it wrong, but we do like it anyway!

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