Friday, January 5, 2007

Our New Favorite Beverage

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We have been enjoying a new drink at our house. It is called "The Arnold Palmer". Legend has it that Arnold Palmer, the famous golfer, would always ask for a combination of lemonade and tea to drink at his country club. The wait staff came to expect this and began making it special for him. It became known as "The Arnold Palmer".

Every summer, my husband (who is the golf pro at our small town country club) takes a different child to one of his out of town tournaments. At one of these, our oldest learned about this yummy drink. She now orders it whenever they go on one of their trips.

They were reminiscing the other day about how refreshing it is to have this drink on a hot day after many hours of golf. So, I thought I would try having it on hand at home. We have experimented, and this is the recipe we like best:

3 family size tea bags
1 pkg. unsweetened pink lemonade mix
1 and 1/2 cups sugar

Microwave the tea bags in about 2 cups water for 3 minutes. Meanwhile, in a 1 gallon container, mix the sugar and pink lemonade with 2 qts. water. After the tea has steeped about 5 minutes, add it to the lemonade and fill the rest of the way with water.

We call it "Ah-nah Pah-mah" (in our best southern drawl) and sip it while we pretend we are sitting on the veranda at Augusta National in Georgia, home of The Masters. When our cup runs out, we look for an imaginary waitress and say, to no one in particular, "Shu-gah, will you run and get me some more of this Ah-nah Pah-mah."

**Yes, we know the weather outside is frightful, and we should be sipping "Fireside Mocha" or "Spice Tea" or some such hot drink, but we're weird. Now you know.


A Hopeful Hollar said...

Does this mean we'll be having tea and smores after the children go to bed? I'll stick with my cocoa, thank you very much!

Oh and the reason I like you so much IS because you're WEIRD!!! Birds of a feather you know? :-)

Myfriendconnie said...

The Hollars are coming! The Hollars are coming! (jumping up and down and clapping) We are sooooo excited about your visit! (It has been requested that Mear Bear please bring her video camera.)

At A Hen's Pace said...

Hi Connie--

I saw your comment under mine at Amy's Humble Musings, and just wanted to say--Welcome to Blog World!

I'm in no need for aprons right now, but yours are lovely! Oilcloth seems like a great idea. Can you still wash it in the washing machine if you want? I've never owned any garment made from it.

It sounds like you have quite industrious children, too! The doll and whistle are very sweet.


Myfriendconnie said...

Wow Jeanne!

I'm honored that you commented here! I've enjoyed your blog many times. May I add you to my links?

(The oilcloth is best cleaned with a damp rag.)

Jennifer Meachem said...

sounds YUMMY!

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

That sounds yummy! We'll try it in July, since we're all normal and everything.;0)

Have you seen The Greatest Game? If you haven't, you oughta.

karen b said...

mimi's cafe here in fort worth serves "arnold palmers." that's where i first tried one; now i have one pretty much every time we go there.

p.s. i'm a friend of michele's; i think we met once at her 30th birthday party.

Myfriendconnie said...

Headmistress - I haven't seen that movie, but I would like to. I thought I remembered you blogging about it once, but when I looked back I couldn't find it.

Karen - I remember you! I'm glad you came by.

Tami said...

This is my son the future golf pro's favorite too. He just mixes half a glass of crystal lite lemonade with half a glass of sweet tea, but did you know you can buy it in a can at Walgreens? I forget the brand, but it's called "Arnold Palmer" right there on the can.

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