Tuesday, November 6, 2007

15 Minutes of (Near) Fame

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**This is a repost from January 2007, when I was giving away one of my aprons to someone who linked to me.

Have I ever told you that I was on The Price Is Right? That's right, I have made eye contact with the grandaddy of game show hosts, Bob Barker. OK, I didn't get to "come on down," but I was seated in the front directly behind contestants' row. Every time the contestants were on the air guessing the price of an item up for bids, there I was with a goofy grin right behind them.

My sister-in-law and I drove from San Diego to L.A. in the wee hours of the morning to get in line before dawn. It was the week after the L.A. riots that erupted after the Rodney King beating. Yeah, not too bright for 2 young ladies, all alone driving through burned out streets in the dark just to get a good seat at a game show. We weren't even the first ones there, either. We waited all morning and into the afternoon to get into the studio.

There was a pre-show interview, in which a young lady walked methodically down the line with a clipboard and asked each person what brought them to the show. She jotted down notes as each person gave a brief answer. I was a little jittery, but I just KNEW that my answer would get me on the show. When she came to me, I said, "I've been watching this show since Bob's hair was brown!" She stoically marked something down and quickly moved on.

In the meantime we saw Catherine Chancellor, Jack Abbott, and other soap stars going into their studio for taping The Young and the Restless, which taped in the next studio.

I didn't get to hear my name called. I guess no one thought my witty answer was as witty as I thought it was, and during my long day, I learned one thing. If you want your name called, you should wear a military uniform or a tube top. There is always someone on contestants' row in uniform or tacky clothing.

So, there you have it. That is my claim to 15 minutes of (near) fame...until now!!

I've been linked to by those blogging giants Amy's Humble Musings, Mommy Life, and Rocks in My Dryer! I even got a comment from Spunky! Yes, that Spunky (may her blog rest in peace), the one that was linked to by La Shawn Barber! Do you realize I am only 6 degrees from First Lady Laura Bush buying one of my aprons?

I feel like the new girl in school and the cheerleaders have invited me to their lunch table. I am flattered, but in the back of my mind I wonder if they only want me at their table because my dad works for Frito Lay and when he stocks the snack machine, he gives free samples to my friends. (the apron, get it?) But, I decide to just go with the giddy excitement of it all, at least until the free snacks dry up. (the apron, get it?)

Gotta go re-apply my Bonnie Bell Strawberry Dee-Lite lip gloss.

**Disclaimer: No offense meant to cheerleaders, past, present or future or tube top wearin' game show contestants.**


Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

You are deserving of the fame! Will post a link to the apron sale & contest at Enjoy the Journey (but I'm not of blog fame, sorry).

Jacque Dixon said...

I love your blog.
Too bad you didn't comment on Jen's blog long ago, I may have found you sooner!

I woulda' been the wondering new girl in class, too... or maybe the tube-top-wearing-contestant... YIKES! No, never been to LA.


Bethanie said...

LOL! Congrats on your new found popularity!

barbara curtis said...

too funny, Connie -

all the world is high school, but I'll spend the rest of my life trying to forget that I was the geeky smart girl who was best friends with the popular girl because I wasn't a threat :)

Jenn said...

yes, this was back in the days when i used to be linked to on your blog *ahem* :o) i mean, i'm soooo happy for you ;o)

Nikki said...

My apron makes me cool. At least to my little people. And I'm sure my hubby appreciates it because of all the magic it does when I'm wearing it. Today it made granola. Even though I feel like a slug.

A Hopeful Hollar said...

My apron is famous at our homeschool co-op where I teach a Keepers at Home class! The girls LOVE it!

Tell Mrs. Bush HI! ;-)

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