Thursday, May 15, 2008

Smockity, She Likes the Free Goods

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Y'all are not going to believe what happened to me this week! I got an email out of the blue from a company called Kumon Publishing asking me if they could send me a few samples of their workbooks so I could review them and give my feedback.

I had never heard of them before, but I visited their website and thought their stuff looked pretty neat, so I told them, "Why, sure! I would love to!"

And really, y'all struck it lucky in that regard because I was bone dry in the ol' blogging material department until the package came today. (I'm sure that fascinating "Doggy Chasing the Raindrops" video didn't tip you off, though. Right?)

This is what they sent me:

I really like the Write and Wipe flash cards because - Hello, Reusable, I love you!

The girls had a good time with the tracing workbooks.

I didn't get a photo of it, but the Let's Cut Paper! and the Let's Sticker & Paste! were a big hit! Even the 2 yr. old was able to join in the fun with those.

I didn't get any of these Tub Time posters in my package, but I thought they looked really cool!

One thing that I thought was neat is that the company was started by a man in his home who just wanted to help his second grade son improve in math. They have materials for children ages 2-8, so check them out if you need educational workbooks.

And be thankful you didn't have to read a cynical blog post about this sight I beheld as I drove past the elementary school in my neighborhood. It caused me to pull over and turn around, just so I could ponder the meaning. Then, I went home and got my camera and drove back to get the photo.

Have you priced gas lately? That little maneuver cost me 20 or 30 cents, I so wanted to document the cynicism I felt welling up inside me.

But, I won't be going into my feelings on taxpayers funding the purchase of little plastic squares to poke in chain link fences so that we can teach children to be even more self focused than is already apparently encouraged because I have the whole Free Stuff From the Publishing Company post above.

You're welcome.

And if there are any laptop companies or airline ticket companies or camcorder companies that would like me to preview their stuff, why, I would be honored to do just that.

Do they even call them camcorders anymore? I wouldn't know because ours is ancient. It makes a grinding sound when the power is on and emits the smell of wet wood. Plus, the videos only show in various beautiful shades of green and I'm not even making that up.

I'm just sayin'. Sony, Smockity is at your service.


Homeschoolin' hot-rodders said...

Those books look great! Anything reusable is a HUGE plus! And yes...I am with you on the sign....our local high school will speel out things with cups but its more in support of kiddos on various sports teams. I think if I saw something written that was as self-serving as your sign might tempt me to go change it in the middle of the night LOL


Anonymous said...

I have seen those books before...they are on my list for the little guys!

Meez are so funny. Your NON commentary about the school fence cracks me up. What a sign!

Rachel said...

My kids love Kumon work books. They especially like the mazes books.
What genius thought up that sign for the school? Someone who was raised in "self esteem" blabber, and is now teaching the next generation. I think that teacher watches too much Oprah. ha ha

Kim said...

Smockity, I like it when you get your preach on :)

I have the, "Let's Cut Paper" book and my youngest loves it! I love the idea of the Tub Time books. Great reviews...I am going ot add some of these to our stack!

Kim said...

Well, I got my hopes up on the Tub Time idea, but none are available on their website :(

Anonymous said...

I totally agree on the school sign. I do hope you don't mind if your husband recoginizes your magnificence.

Kara said...

Ohh, the sign. You know we always came up with these cute sayings every year to chant at pep rallies, and put on t-shirts. The problem is do you really think those 5 thru 10 year olds even have a clue what it really means? I just asked Em and she said "to understand you have talents" hmmm...I bet the teachers could have found a better way to spend the money that was dished out on those sqaures!!!
And freebies are wonderful:)

mama2drama said...

Connie I so read you on the school sign! Ugh!
And I so appreciate the review on the materials. With all the little ones yet to teach I'm always on the lookout for real mom reviews.

Liz said...

We like these books as well. We like the My First Cut and Paste book. They are fun way to keep the littles occupied during school time for the big kids.

MamaJ said...

Agh! Those books are on my list for Big Brother's kindergarten this year!! I can't wait to buy the Mazes and Telling Time books! You're so lucky!
That sign sounds like it came right off of Oprah!

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